Support The Lodging and Tourism Super PAC (Political Action Committee)

When it comes to influencing legislation, the simple fact is: those who contribute most to candidates tend to have the most leverage in shaping policy. AzLTA does this through our Political Action Committee (PAC) fund.

The Arizona Lodging & Tourism PAC is officially the state’s 25th Super Political Action Committee (PAC). This is a tremendous accomplishment for the Tourism Industry and speaks volumes at the Capitol regarding our strength and impact across the state. A Super PAC requires a minimum of 500 people to donate a minimum of $10 each. The monies collected will assist in showing support for those candidates who understand the value of Tourism to Arizona. Thanks to all of those who have donated and have worked to help us achieve this critical goal. If you have yet to participate, be part of history and submit your donation so we can continue to increase our voice and views amongst elected officials!


Or submit this 2016 Lodging & Tourism PAC Contribution Form

Please note: The AzLTA PAC accepts contributions from individuals only. Contributions to AzLTA PAC are not tax deductible. Corporate contributions are prohibited. Refund Policy: No refunds of any kind will be allowed for AzLTA PAC Contributions.