Arizona Tourism is the state’s second largest industry employing more than 171,500 residents and generating $2.8 billion annually in state, local and federal tax revenues.

Below are some fast facts on how Tourism Works for Arizona.  Download a printable summary of 2015 Travel Industry Figures

  • 40.7 Million: Number of domestic and international overnight visitors who experienced Arizona as a travel destination.
  • 5.7 Million: Number of international overnight visitors to Arizona, including Mexico and Canada.
  • $20.9 Billion: Amount of direct traveler spending generated within Arizona.
  • 171,500: Number of industry related jobs directly generated by traveler spending. When combined with indirect employment, direct traveler spending impacts, nearly 300,000 jobs.
  • $5.9 Billion: Amount of earnings generated by Arizonans employed by tourism jobs.
  • $2.8 Billion: Amount of local, state and federal tax revenues generated as a result of direct traveler spending.
  • $1,150: Tax revenue generated by the tourism industry lessens the tax burden by $1,150 for every Arizona household.
  • No. 1: Where the travel and tourism industry ranks among Arizona’s export-oriented industries.