AHLA has announced COVID-19 Precautions for Hotels, a hotel-specific online training course designed specifically for cleaning and safety during the pandemic. This valuable training tool was developed in partnership with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI). 
The new course was created in consultation with the AHLA’s Safe Stay Advisory Council and represents a united industry approach around the Safe Stay guidelines endorsed by all major U.S. hotel brands, hospitality associations in 50 states and Canada, and thousands of hotel properties across the country committed to ensuring the health and safety of guests and employees while continuing to provide outstanding service.
A brief overview on the training course and its functionality includes:

  1. Online, mobile friendly training targeted to all levels of employees
  2. Offered in English and Spanish
  3. A certificate of completion is awarded and the credential can be printed and shared as a record of training and indicator of an employee’s understanding of the material
  4. Available for companies to host on their internal LMS or accessed directly on the AHLEI platform 
  5. Only $5/individual or on a discounted tiered scale for corporate license

Questions? Email info@azlta.com