Legislative Priorities

2020 Legislative Priorities

The Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association (AzLTA) serves as the statewide voice of advocacy for Arizona’s travel, tourism, sports and hospitality industry.  Our advocacy efforts take place at the local, state and national levels and cover a wide range of policy items. 

Policies at the forefront of our 2020 legislative agenda at the state level include:

Tourism Marketing Authorities

  • SB 1335: Sen. Tyler Pace’s Tourism Marketing Authority Legislation (TMA) is enabling legislation that would allow TMAs to be created in all municipalities regardless of population and/or counties with populations of less than two million throughout the state, putting Arizona communities on a more level playing field with more than 180 municipalities that are already using TMAs to attract visitors, meetings and events.

Introduced Bill

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Online Short-term Rentals

  • SB1490: Sen. J.D. Mesnard’s short-term rentals bill focused on property reclassification for taxation (Class 4 to Class 1).
  • HB2875: Rep. John Kavanagh’s short-term rental bill addresses the regulation of short-term rentals including contact information posting, restricting maximum number of adult occupants, installation of safety and monitoring equipment, smoking prohibition, checking in procedures, parking restrictions and advertisement accuracy.
  • SB1554: Sen. Kate Brophy McGee’s short-term rental penalties bill allows a local government to restrict the use of or regulate a short-term rental or vacation rental (short-term or vacation rental) that is not a person’s primary or secondary residence. It limits the rental of certain short-term or vacation rental properties to one rental in a 30-day period. It modifies penalties for violations of state laws and local ordinances relating to short-term or vacation rentals.

Bills Under Watch

  • HB2876: Rep. Jeff Wenninger’s farm wineries bill would no longer limit production to 40,000 gallons of wine. Farm winery licensees are authorized to ship wine directly to purchasers in Arizona and are exempt from direct shipment license requirements. Previously, this authorization and exemption applied to only farm winery licensees that produced 20,000 gallons of wine or less in the preceding calendar year.
  • HB2817: Rep. Travis Grantham’s bill seeks to protect ride sharing services from paying increased airport ground transportation fees.
  • HB2706: Rep. Nancy Barto’s interscholastic athletics (transgender) bill would require educational institutions to expressly designate teams based on biological sex: males, men or boys; females, women or girls; and coed or mixed sex. AzLTA has joined with more than 150 groups signing on in opposition to the bill.
  • SB 1521: Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita’s bill would give more power to ticket scalpers and help them secure in-demand inventory to increase their profits at the expense of Arizona fans, artists, venues, and local businesses.
  • HB 2379: Rep. Walter Blackman’s bill for film and media production would allow preferential consideration for Arizona-based companies within the procurement bidding process.
  • HB 2624: Rep. Sandra Bolick’s bill on human trafficking would make anyone who engages in or knowingly benefits in human trafficking liable for damages to the person trafficked.

More information and updates on legislation can be found at azleg.gov, then type in the bill number.

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