Legislative Priorities

2021 Legislative Priorities

The Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association (AzLTA) serves as the statewide voice of advocacy for Arizona’s travel, tourism, sports and hospitality industry.  Our advocacy efforts take place at the local, state and national levels and cover a wide range of policy items. 

Policies at the forefront of our 2021 legislative agenda at the state level include:

  • S.B. 1377 Civil Liability; Public Health Pandemic (Sen. Leach): Provides targeted and reasonable liability protections for businesses, educational providers, and the health care industry working diligently to protect their employees, customers, and patients.

    Latest Action: Signed by Governor Ducey.
  • S.B. 1720 Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing (Sen. Fann): Establishes guidelines for insurance requirements, safety recalls, taxation and surcharge collection for vehicle sharing transactions that occur on a peer-to-peer car-sharing program.

    Latest Action: Signed by Governor Ducey. 

  • H.B. 2772 Fantasy Sports Betting; Event Wagering: Amended tribal-state gaming compact that will modernize gaming in Arizona and provide millions of dollars in revenue for critical state needs. The modernized gaming compact and establishment of sports betting will help Arizona attract more visitor spending.

    Latest Action: Signed by Governor Ducey.

  • H.B. 2835 Theme park districts; Extension: Extends the authority of a theme park district board to issue bonds to December 31, 2031, rather than December 31, 2020.  Increases, from $1 billion to $2 billion, the maximum aggregate theme park district bond principal amount for all theme park districts established.

    Latest Action: Signed by Governor Ducey.

  • H.B. 2481 Short-term Rentals; Enforcement; Penalties (Rep. Kavanagh): Allows a city or town to restrict vacation rentals to specific zoning districts and require vacation rentals to have a permit. It would also require a multi-unit residential structure that is owned and operated by an online lodging marketplace to comply with building code requirements.

    Latest Action: Failed in the House. Awaiting reconsideration

  • S.B. 1101 & H.B. 2161 Tourism Marketing Authorities (Rep. Kaiser and Sen. Pace): Enact enabling legislation that allows for the creation of Tourism Marketing Authorities (TMAs) across the state. TMAs will provide critical resources across the state to promote local tourism.
      • TMAs Brief Learn more about the benefits of supporting S.B. 1101 & H.B. 2161
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  • Additional Investment for Tourism Industry: Invest additional dollars into Arizona’s statewide and local tourism promotion campaigns to ensure the state is able to recapture market share when large-scale traveling resumes.

  • Threat of Industry Ordinances: Oppose efforts to establish local ordinances that will impose costly and burdensome regulations on the travel and hospitality industry. 


More information and updates on legislation can be found at azleg.gov, then type in the bill number.

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