Human Trafficking


The Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association (AzLTA) has partnered with The SAFE Action Project to provide FREE human trafficking training to AzLTA members and their staff.

The SAFE Action Project is a program funded and operated by Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network (AATN) and has partnered with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and Homeland Security Investigations – Phoenix.

The SAFE (Safeguarding All From Exploitation) Action Project is a tourism training program designed to elevate awareness and action within the industry to combat human trafficking. Through specialized training and community collaborations, the project provides the travel, hospitality, and tourism industry with the knowledge and skills to recognize and properly report potential human trafficking situations.

These crimes regularly occur in hotels, motels, and resorts, oftentimes unbeknownst to the proprietors, making the property or business a victim as well.  Traffickers also use a variety of travel mechanisms to transport victims and carry out their crimes, including the use of rideshare apps and airlines.

The SAFE Action Project aims to bring all of these disciplines to the table to train hospitality and tourism industry professionals on how to recognize, report, and ultimately end human trafficking in Arizona.


  1. Provide an overview of human trafficking and its impact on the hotel industry
  2. Discuss common indicators of human trafficking
  3. Provide action steps for responding to and preventing human trafficking
  4. Summarize key takeaways and provide additional resources, including video modules with real scenarios and the option to receive more in-depth training


  1. Individual online training for staff (in English and Spanish)
  2. Individual online training for employers (staff training course plus additional modules and resources for owners and managers)
  3. Group training (in English and Spanish) that employers can use to train their staff in person

This 30-minute training is available to all AzLTA members at no cost. Everyone who completes the training will receive a certificate and be in compliance with SAFE certification, which requires that lodging employees who are likely to interact with victims of human trafficking undergo at least 20 minutes of human trafficking awareness training and education.

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The following organizations have become SAFE certified and 75% of their staff members received the SAFE Action Project training:

Nomination Criteria

Application Guidelines

All honorees must be employed by hotels, attractions, tourism businesses, hospitality or other supporting businesses that are of the Arizona hospitality industry.

Who can enter?

The Stars of the Industry awards competition is open to all Arizona hospitality businesses, hotels, and tourism employees.

Who can nominate a Star?

Anyone! A nominator can be an employer, a manager, a friend, regular customer, or anyone else who knows a Star in Arizona’s hospitality industry who deserves recognition.

What does it cost to enter?

Entering or nominating for the Stars of the Industry Awards is free.

What do nominees receive?

All nominees will receive an AzLTA Stars of the Industry Recognition Certificate.  The winners of each award will be announced at the Stars of the Industry Awards Luncheon on June 16, 2023 and receive an engraved plaque at the awards presentation.  All winners will be announced in AzLTA’s Industry Insider newsletter, by a press release, and on the AzLTA website. Winners will automatically be entered in the American Hotel and Lodging Association’s national Stars of the Industry Awards program. It is AzLTA’s privilege to celebrate the accomplishments of all the nominees and winners presented each year.

Nominations and Eligibility

The nomination process begins in April and we’ve made it easy.  Simply complete the online nominee application form and email the application to AzLTA explaining why the nominee deserves the Star award in their category.

Rules & Judging Criteria

Nominees must have served in the industry for a minimum of two years (please state total number of years in description) and will be judged on performance beyond normal job responsibilities, professionalism, and outstanding and unusual service to the property, guests and the community.

Using no more than three double-spaced pages, describe why your nominee should be honored. Give examples of:

  • Extraordinary support to fellow employees.
  • Specific event(s) that best describes the nominee’s exceptional service.
  • Outstanding leadership qualities, heroic deeds or actions that consistently add to the general well-being of guests.
  • Other great accomplishments to the industry or community.

Include photos and any materials substantiating the award entry, such as letters of commendation, guest comment cards, news clippings and other support materials received during 2021-2023 for the judges’ consideration.