Member Benefits

AzLTA has been the leading representative and advocate for the Arizona Lodging and Tourism industry. From small independent hotels to large brands, AzLTA prides itself on being a strong partner to our members so they can in turn, better serve their guests and communities.

As part of our commitment to helping your businesses succeed, members of AzLTA receive special savings for a variety of hospitality industry products and services – from legal assistance to health care discounts too. We continually strive to increase our benefit package through new programs and partnerships. Expand any of the items listed below for more information on how to take advantage of these benefits.

Industry Legal Resource Center        

Legal difficulties are all too common for business owners, and hotels are especially subject to a wide range of regulations at the local, state and federal levels. Thousands of businesses across the state look to AzLTA as a resource for legal advice and guidance. To help navigate these sometimes tricky waters, AzLTA has partnered with Ogletree Deakins and has negotiated 15 minutes of complimentary legal advice per member per year.
To access this exclusive benefit, contact  to get you connected.  Must be an active member to be eligible.

AZLTA Member Airport Parking Program

Ready to travel? Enjoy the convenience of parking closer to your gate at a discounted rate, with AzLTA’s new Strategic Partner Sky Harbor’s Discount program. AZLTA members will receive a discount of 15% off. Good for both business and personal travel. Click on the link below for current and future use. Program features:

  • Regular discount of 15% off (+$2 booking fee)
  • Good for business or leisure travel with 24/7/365 vehicle access
  • Loyalty program registration: Click HERE (10pts per $1 spent)
  • Closest and most convenient parking at PHX Sky Harbor
  • Uncovered, covered parking at 5 locations
  • Scanning of reservation QR code from phone upon entry/exit
  • ADA accessible, safe, well-lit, and patrolled regularly


Tailor-made health plans for your business Attract and retain top talent. Deliver on what matters to employees today. UnitedHealthcare offers a health care solution designed for Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association members:

The solution includes:

  • Savings on fully insured medical, dental, vision, life and disability plans
  • A large nationwide network
  • Health and well-being programs
  • Digital tools
  • Ease of administration

Learn more at
Specialty benefits and programs may not be available in all states or for all group sizes. Components subject to change.
Insurance coverage provided by or through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or its affiliates. Administrative services provided by United HealthCare Services, Inc. or their affiliates.
Source 1 Purchasing

Earn Cash Back on all your commonly purchased items!

Drastically lower supplies and F&B purchases while increasing quality and service. This is collective buying power!

Source1 Purchasing makes it simple to collect cash back rebates on items you buy every day. Source1 pays cash back to hoteliers on 165,000 items from over 350 manufacturing suppliers, including HD Supply, American Hotel Register, A-1 Textiles, Cintas, Office Depot, Grainger, S&D Coffee and more.

This AzLTA member program is easy to join and literally costs nothing. There is no cost to join and they never charge you any fees. As a Source1 user, you will have access to $9.5 billion in purchasing power that would not otherwise be available, saving you money.Start receiving your rebates – sign up today!

Interactive Staffing Platform and Database       

Seasonal Connect is a first of its kind platform that eases your seasonal challenges through a national community of employers and global database of workers. Their comprehensive toolkit includes employer search, seasonal work search, housing search and many more essential tools.

Through Seasonal Connect, members benefits include:

  • 10% off monthly fees for members​
  • Annual in-person Seasonal Connect conference in Arizona​
  • Opportunities to connect AZLTA members to other members, as well as organizations from across the United States​
  • Educational opportunities​
  • Access to data

To access this exclusive benefit, contact  to get you connected.  Must be an active member to be eligible.

Exclusive 25% Savings Marketing Opportunity 

Let Phoenix Business Journal help you deliver your message to millions of frequent travelers daily! AzLTA members receive an exclusive 25% discount off local and regional advertising in Sports Business and/or Tourism and Travel weekly printable display feature.   

Ray Schey | (602) 200-0066 |

Settlements You May Benefit from Financially

Class Action Capital is a boutique class action claims management firm specializing in the research, data collection, analysis and filing of complex class action claims for corporate clients.  Their goal is to drastically reduce or eliminate entirely the amount of time or internal resources a client would spend if they chose to pursue these actions independently.  CAC operates on a contingency fee basis with zero upfront costs or filing charges.  For more information visit  or please contact Joshua Kerstein, Director of Business Development.

Josh Kerstein |

Free Mental Health Resources for Hospitality

Whole-person wellness involves mental, physical, and social well-being. The most common health problem in the world is depression, and mental health issues like stress can leave us immunocompromised, which can lead to chronic conditions like heart disease. Now more than ever, taking care of our mental wellness is critical. Access free hospitality- focused resources for:

•            Mental health, substance use disorder, and suicide prevention.
•            Support groups.
•            Stress management techniques.
•            Manager guidebook for promoting mental well-being in the hospitality workplace.

Click on the Mental Health dropdown below for more information on available resources.

Active MindsResources to stay mentally healthy during this crisis time.(free)

Access a free resources hub for help during the COVID-19 pandemic, including stress management, community building from a distance, and tips for remote workers.

PatientsLikeMeThe world’s largest personalized health network helps people find new treatments, connect with others and take action to improve their outcomes. (free)

Access a community for anyone concerned about symptoms and/or diagnosed with COVID-19, as well as anyone suffering from anxiety and depression, to come together and discuss coping mechanisms and support each other here.


Psych Hub

The most comprehensive online learning platform on mental health, substance use and suicide prevention topics in the world:


Ben’s Friends Hospitality-focused substance abuse support network. (free)

Join a safe environment with others who understand the unique challenges experienced by people on the front lines in restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality industries. Click here to find a meeting near you or access telephonic meetings.


Crisis Text LineIn crisis? Text for immediate help anytime from anywhere. (free)

Connect with a Crisis Coordinator within 25 seconds on average. Communicate until you feel safe. Text HELLO to 741741.


Substance Use Disorder Helpline In crisis? Call for immediate help anytime from anywhere.  (free)

A person and/or a family member may talk with a licensed recovery advocate about their concerns and needs, get a referral to a professional who can develop a personalized treatment plan and access family support resources. Call 1-855-780-5955, or visit


Emotional Support Helpline Need a little support? Call any time, free of charge. (free)

This help line is staffed by professionally trained mental health experts. It is free of charge and open to anyone. Call 1-866-342-6892 24/7.


Telemedicine Mental health + medical visits. Low members-only cost – employers may subscribe for all working and furloughed employees.

Teladoc is offering unlimited, no-copay mental health and medical virtual appointments to Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association members for $9 per employee, per month. This cost includes unlimited visits for the employee + entire family. Click here to reach the setup page.

Anti- Human Trafficking Training            

SAFE, (Safeguarding All From Exploitation) Action Project is a free tourism training program designed to elevate awareness and action within the industry to combat human trafficking.  Through specialized training and community collaborations, the project provides the travel and hospitality industry, exclusive free in-person training, and customized webinars, to AzLTA members. This training will help inform the employees of your company on how to recognize, report, and ultimately end human trafficking.

Telemedicine: Discounted Virtual Visits with Health Professionals for AZLTA Members

Teladoc will be offered at a members-only negotiated price of $9 per employee per month ($9/mo includes employee + entire family) with $0 copays.

  • Includes general medicine, mental health, dermatology, back pain and expert medical opinions.
  • A great way for employees meet virtually with a health professional to determine if their symptoms require leaving the house to go to a crowded clinic, urgent care or ER where they can be infected or spread the virus.
  • Virtual visits are offered through employers who may choose to cost share with their employees.

AzLTA members receive exclusive pricing of only $9 per employee per month. Employers can choose to fund the full amount or cost-share with the employee. There is no better time to offer your full-time, part-time, 1099, seasonal employees and dependents as well as furlough employees the convenience of meeting virtually with a health professional to determine if their symptoms require leaving the house. Employer groups can offer all the following services to their employees for a $0 visit fee:

• General Medical $0 Copay
• Expert Medical Services $0 Copay
• Mental Health Care $0 Copay
• Back Care $0 Copay
• Dermatology $0 Copay

Registration FAQs Register

Disclaimer: Some restrictions and exclusions apply. Discounts may vary by location and group size.

Exclusive Discount On Data And Analytics For Hotel Industry  

Exclusive discounts for AzLTA members on various customizable regional reports and industry profiles, including the STR Report. STR is the leading provider of data benchmarking and analytics for the global hotel industry. Expand your reach with the definitive news source for hotel decision makers.

Discount STAR Report | STAR Add-Ons – 25% OFF
This discount is available to hotel participants during the first year of enrollment.
U.S. Hotel Review – $1295 (normally $1695)
View high-level, accurate overviews of key markets in key regions.
Pipeline – 15% OFF
Access future hotel supply data, including property and room count.
School Break Report – 10% OFF
View and prepare for future leisure demand with this easy to read report covering key calendar data from over 1,500 school districts and universities.
Market Forecasts – 15% OFF
Anticipate market changes for enhanced business decisions.  Hotel News Now (HNN)
Advertising – 15% OFF

Chase Oeser | (615) 824-8664 x3160 |

Free Pharmacy Discount Program

This free pharmacy discount program helps employees save up to 80% (average savings of 47%) on all FDA-approved prescription medications.

  • Accepted at more than 64,000 pharmacies nationwide.
  • Cards and coupons are pre-activated and easy to use; privacy is protected.
  • Administered through OptumRx®. This discount card program is not insurance.
  • Search for the best price and download a coupon or the card to access your discounts here:

BMI Makes It Simple to License the Music Used in Hotels, Motels and Other Lodging Establishments

Music adds to the overall ambiance in hotels and other lodging establishments and enhances
the customer experience by making your guests feel welcome. However, playing music in
common spaces—whether it’s live or in the background— requires permission from the
copyright owner.
A BMI music license gives you the necessary copyright permission to play over 22.4 million
songs and ensures that music creators are fairly compensated for their work. To learn more
about how to get started, click here.

 Looking to become an AzLTA member?

Top Hotel Manufacturers & Suppliers
that work with Source1
  • Michael Foods
  • Tyson
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Hormel
  • Smithfield Farmland
  • Pactiv
  • Smuckers
  • McCain
  • American Hotel Register
  • HD Supply
  • Staples
  • Office Depot
  • Grainger
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Ed Don
  • Karcher
  • Cintas

Nomination Criteria

Application Guidelines

All honorees must be employed by hotels, attractions, tourism businesses, hospitality or other supporting businesses that are of the Arizona hospitality industry.

Who can enter?

The Stars of the Industry awards competition is open to all Arizona hospitality businesses, hotels, and tourism employees.

Who can nominate a Star?

Anyone! A nominator can be an employer, a manager, a friend, regular customer, or anyone else who knows a Star in Arizona’s hospitality industry who deserves recognition.

What does it cost to enter?

Entering or nominating for the Stars of the Industry Awards is free.

What do nominees receive?

All nominees will receive an AzLTA Stars of the Industry Recognition Certificate.  The winners of each award will be announced at the Stars of the Industry Awards Luncheon on June 16, 2023 and receive an engraved plaque at the awards presentation.  All winners will be announced in AzLTA’s Industry Insider newsletter, by a press release, and on the AzLTA website. Winners will automatically be entered in the American Hotel and Lodging Association’s national Stars of the Industry Awards program. It is AzLTA’s privilege to celebrate the accomplishments of all the nominees and winners presented each year.

Nominations and Eligibility

The nomination process begins in April and we’ve made it easy.  Simply complete the online nominee application form and email the application to AzLTA explaining why the nominee deserves the Star award in their category.

Rules & Judging Criteria

Nominees must have served in the industry for a minimum of two years (please state total number of years in description) and will be judged on performance beyond normal job responsibilities, professionalism, and outstanding and unusual service to the property, guests and the community.

Using no more than three double-spaced pages, describe why your nominee should be honored. Give examples of:

  • Extraordinary support to fellow employees.
  • Specific event(s) that best describes the nominee’s exceptional service.
  • Outstanding leadership qualities, heroic deeds or actions that consistently add to the general well-being of guests.
  • Other great accomplishments to the industry or community.

Include photos and any materials substantiating the award entry, such as letters of commendation, guest comment cards, news clippings and other support materials received during 2021-2023 for the judges’ consideration.